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The Georgia Genealogical Society is a sponsor of “Ask Granny”©, an award winning program that provides FREE genealogical materials by email for Senior Citizens. Winner of the 2011 “Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Genealogy” award given by the Georgia Genealogical Society & the “July 2014 – Honoring our Ancestors” award given by Megan Smolenyak.

Gregory L. Crane and Judith F. Russell, ASK GRANNY authors, at a presentation at Talmage Terrace Residence for Senior Citizens, Athens, Georgia:

Started in 2009, "Ask Granny"© is a genealogical outreach program designed to be presented as workshops by local Genealogical Society members at retirement communities, civic clubs, Sunday school groups, or other senior citizen gathering places. Funded entirely by local contributions, specially formatted materials and instructions are provided and genealogical society members use the materials to guide the seniors as they create a simple ancestral chart for themselves and their spouses. The pdf files can be easily printed for students or made into slides, flyers, or posters.

Grannies and Grandpas who attend the seminars record their memories of family names, dates, and places on an 11” x 17” chart labeled “A Genealogical Gift to my Family.” When these pages are preserved in their special gift folder, family members will never have to wonder "why didn't we ask Granny about that?" Whether the students can remember the details of one generation or six, they create an irreplaceable record of family history for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. At every session, even those who think they will remember nothing have been able to record several generations with the help of their instructors.

Some of the most enthusiastic “customers” are genealogical librarians who have sent for the free materials. Workshops such as these are a great idea for programs located at library settings for librarians who are often called upon to help beginners with their family tree.

“Ask Granny”© materials have now been sent to all 48 contiguous states as well as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Authors Gregory L. Crane and Judith F. Russell, have helped at least one thousand local people fill in their ancestral forms and the number of people helped worldwide is possibly more than five thousand at this point.

Write to the "Ask Granny"© authors with your questions or your request for a FREE set of materials by return email. Your email should include the name of your Genealogical Society or the name and date of your upcoming Family Reunion or church/synagogue group. The only stipulation of the authors is that students are never charged for their participation in an "Ask Granny"© Seminar or for the materials.


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